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Welcome to our presentation of GREENHEART ENERGY

GREENHEART ENERGY, LLC based in Corpus Christi – Texas is harvesting, storing and shipping Hard Wood Mesquite Chips. The goal of this company is to secure continuous production of wood chips in volumes great enough to satisfy Energy and MDF industry worldwide. 

You will find here basic informations about the company, Mesquite wood chips and advantages of cooperation. We are ready for partnership cooperation with industrial sphere, while emphasizing the economic effectivity and, maintaining the least possible negative burden to the living environment.

Mesquite Wood Chips

Mesquite is hard woodchips growing in the area of Gulf of Mexico harvested from a whole above ground of the wood Mesquite. Year-round average moisture content of hard wood chips is about 20%More information about Mesquite hard wood chips.

Pile of Mesquite hard wood chips