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Mesquite Hard Wood Chips

Mesquite is hard woodchips growing in the area of Gulf of Mexico harvested from a whole above ground part of the wood Mesquite. Year-round average moisture content of hard wood chips is about 20%.

  • the length is up to 65 mm
  • bark contents shall be no more than 4 % based on green wood weight
  • ash contents shall be less than 5 %
  • chips are free from char and other foreign materials such as sand, stones, plastics and coal
  • energy level is 13,9 GJ/MT based on average moisture content of 20 %

Mesquite Wood

The Mesquite (Proposis) has to be actively harvested. Mesquite is harvested utilizing the entire material above ground without removing the root, allowing the plant to regrow at the rate of 4 to 6 new plants for every tree cut. An average harvesting cycle is from 8 to 10 years.

We have over 500 000 acres of Mesquite within 100 miles of Port of Loading. The estimated yearly availability is 2 000 000 tons a year.

Mesquite Trees


The Mesquite is harvested utilizing the entire material above ground without removing the root. Harvested plants are left to dry on the ground for a few days and chipped.

Woodchips are transported to the port and screened to make sure all foreign materials are removed and oversized pieces are moved back for chipping.

Production of Mesquite Hard Wood Chips


Chipped wood is transported to the port area, where it is screened and loaded on the vessel, type Supramax, and shipped to European ports. The average size of vessel load is 28 000 MT +/- 10 %.
Supramax vessel for transport of Mescuqite Hard Wood Chips
Depending on the location of final customer, we are organizing transportation from European ports by trucks or railway. Our partner in railway transportation is the company Innofreight, which is supplying us with Woodtainer XXL containers.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us.